Help for CCDP Certification
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Saturday, 20 February 2010

CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional) exam is for those who want to portray their advanced network designing skills. Since, CCDP is not a basic certification; the candidate should have already acquired CCDA & CCNA. The CCDP exam is targeted at infrastructure and design professionals. As certifications are independent criteria that need to be fulfilled, professionals plan their certification exams at the appropriate time.

CCDP Exams:

642-892 Exam

642-873 Exam

• 642-901 Exam

• 642-812 Exam

After completing CCDP’s Internetworks and Switched networks exams, Network Architecture exam needs to be taken. Each of the exams mentioned are set to have duration of 90 mins. If you think that this is tedious, you can follow the two-exam route. This route combines the first two exams mentioned. After coming to know the exam syllabus, you should explore the questions and decide which mode of preparation will offer excellent benefit. You must also be aware of newly included topics.

The more you practice the real-life questions, the more the exam will seem easy for you. In addition to practicing all types of questions, it is necessary to include all topics of the syllabus in the preparation taking care not to leave out any of them. After completing the exams, spend a minute on the expiry date of the certification, so that you will have an idea on the re-certification. At this juncture, you should know that CCDP certification has three-year validity.

Professional level certifications have complexity level that is in between Associate level and the more advanced Expert level. Cisco’s Associate certifications are suitable for all those who fall short of experience. Thus, different levels of jobs require different levels of certification. It is easy to trust a person who has a certification since elaborate tests or questioning is not needed. This explains why you find certified people getting into companies while others struggle.

As the number of companies that strive to reach higher quality standards as per their plans for every passing year is increasing, the need for professionals who have a mark of quality is also increasing accordingly. This trend is applicable for all levels of professionals in a company, so that uniformity can be achieved. Sometimes, this is a reflection of how a company’s headquarters is functioning. Such a thing is common due to another reason: projects are executed in offices at various geographic locations and so everyone has to be on par with each other.

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Tips for MCITP Certification Preparation
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

It is true that those who pass different certification exams have more advantages in securing new jobs and improving their prospects in their current jobs. There are many people in the market who finish basic certification exams and then move forward to complete advanced certification exams sooner or later. They also keep track of expired exams and new changes in valid exams. They also show interest in new electives added for the field they are in and thus, their future plans become easy.

MCITP Exams:

• 70-431Exam

70-441 Exam

70-442 Exam

• 70-443 Exam

• 70-444 Exam

• 70-446 Exam

• 70-447 Exam

• 70-450 Exam

• 70-454 Exam

• 70-647 Exam

Since, some fields have many candidates who cannot be differentiated considering their educational qualifications, specializations and years of experience, certifications can be used for differentiating them. After differentiating the candidates, they can even be categorized into basic level proficiency candidate and advanced level proficiency candidate based on the certification levels that the candidate has passed.

Consider ‘Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification’ which is known as MCITP in short. There are six courses under MCITP certification. This certification is suitable for those who work as database administrators. Basically, MCITP certification holders will bear the responsibility of designing and operating technologies. For those who already have MCDST Certification, MCITP certification is only an up gradation.

The following are related to Windows - Enterprise Support/Consumer Support Technician and Desktop Administrator. Enterprise/ Server Administrator are related to Windows server. Business Intelligence/ Database Developer and Database Administrator are related to SQL Server.

The experience details needed for those who aim for MCITP certification are: they should have worked extensively using ‘Windows Vista’ and should possess the ability to handle issues arising in networks that use Windows Vista. Put in other words, the candidates should have 4 years experience with mid level organizations. By 4 years experience, it means that the candidate successfully executed the duties of a Lead Support Technician for Desktops.

Some people can manage to pass the MCITP exam using their experience alone if they have solved a lot of issues on-the-job. Other aspirants will need some help. There is help available for the rest of the aspirants in the form of self-study exam material, exam guides, MCITP bootcamp, MCITP classroom training and online training. Most of the aspirants wish to download the material and study at times when they are free.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

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